Approximately 100,000 vehicles a day travel the Indianapolis I-70 corridor. It’s a national freeway and a vital local thoroughfare. And after October, our section of I-70 will be unlike anything else from Baltimore, Maryland to Cove Fort, Utah. In over 2,100 miles of generic highway, the only eclectic sculpture park will be in Indianapolis.


For a lot of us, contemporary sculpture can be hard to figure out. And sure enough, the days are long gone when public art meant a few new statues in the park. But here’s one of the best ways we know to explain contemporary sculpture: Keep watching. Watch how the plants growing around it reveal something new. Or how it looks different covered with snow.

Here’s your first close up view of the new sculptures…

Totems for Harding Street
Lotus Leaves for West Street
Science and Discovery for Meridian Street
Art is already on site.


In January 2010, the first public art installation occurred at the I-70/Holt Road interchange. Kathryn Armstrong, a Sculpture graduate student at Herron School of Art and Design, created the piece entitled going home.

A total of 34 multi-colored forms now reside on the east and west side of the exchange. This project is an example of the types of partnerships that the Basile Center brings to the students of Herron.

“The space did not offer any kind of human experience, so I wanted to visually invent a place that would suggest a living environment, while activating the space with color,” said Armstrong.

Watch a video of the “going home” installation.

It has been great working with the students on the I-70 public art installations. Your program is definitely raising the public’s awareness about art and the value it brings to our public spaces.


The Frank and Katrina Basile Center for Art, Design and Public Life is Herron’s avenue for applying the talents and skills of Herron students and faculty to the actual, relevant needs of businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. The Basile Center brings Herron’s commitment to civic engagement to life through core offerings of art and design to a variety of clients. In turn, Herron students gain professional experience through rewarding, collaborative partnerships.